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Oct. 5th, 2013 02:11 pm
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OOC Information:
Name: Levonsong
Are you over 15? Yep
Contact: Should we feel the need to contact you privately, what is your preferred method?

IC Information:
Name: Sokichi Narumi
Canon and medium: Kamen Rider Double
Age: preincarnation late 40s, maybe 50s || reincarnation 45
Preincarnation Species: Human
Preincarnation Appearance: Preincarnation appearance

Any differences: Looking slightly younger due to age and less stress.
Preincarnated History: Sokichi Narumi was born in the 1960's in Fuuto City, totally not a part of not-Tokyo. He grew up as a fan of detective novels and often playing with his life long friend Fumine. The two eventually split ways as he became a detective and starting the Narumi Detective Agency and his friend became a scientist.

After becoming established he found a partner named Seiichiro Matsui, nicknamed Matsu, who worked as the information half of their partnership. One night his childhood friend Fumine, now Fumine Sonozaki the wife of the most wealthy man in Fuuto, appeared at his door with her face now scarred. She warned him of Dopants, superhumans her and her husband's work had created.

Sokichi and Matsu worked on many cases together until on a particular case protecting a singer. Sokichi came across Dopants himself for the first time as well as the people that sold Gaia Memories, the drug like items which allow one to become a Dopant.

Reincarnated History: What happened to your character that got them to this point in their normal, human life? While a lot of information isn't necessary here, please give us a clear picture of who they are now and where they'll be headed in the context of the game. If you're re-apping a character you previously played, please include their experiences in-game and what they've been doing in the mean time as well.

First Echo: What caused their first Echo, and what did it give them? Players may choose events from the timeline or a canon recurrence. Keep these Echoes simple, but meaningful, and keep in mind that returned effects/objects caused by canon recurrences must be directly related to the event giving them back. If re-apping, please include all of their previously-obtained Echoes.

Preincarnation Personality: Sokichi started out as a detective novel fan trying to live his dream. When he started the Narumi Detective Agency based on a set of rules he had made when reading all those novels and quickly found them hard to stick to as he found that reality was more similar to his novels than he expected, soon making him into one of the hard boiled detectives he read about.

Any differences: You are encouraged to deviate from the original personality in three or four major ways, made to make their personality logical to the setting and their new history (which, by default, varies from their original life). If the personality does not differentiate significantly, or if the differences do not make sense given the rest of your app, revisions may be asked for.

Abilities: What abilities did your character's preincarnation have? To what extent were they used? Include any equipment they had access to and any skills they had. Headcanon should be indicated in italics, as before. You may write a brief synopsis and link to a more detailed resource if you wish. Favor conciseness here, and try to limit (or else otherwise elaborate upon) canon terminology to avoid confusion.

Roleplay Sample - Third Person: Some form of extended, third-person prose exhibiting strong voice and key behaviors of your character. If the voice is weak or the characterization appears to be off, revisions may be asked for.

Roleplay Sample - Network: Same as above, but in network-style format, using text, video, audio, etc. This MUST be on the network.
*Note: One of the samples (of your choice) must be done from the perspective of the reincarnated character, set within the game. Samples from the test drive community may be used for this purpose.

Any Questions? If you need to clear up any lingering questions or concerns, here's the place to do it.



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